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introduction Water is an universal solvent beca do nearly of solutions social function water as a solvent, nitty-gritty the perfume in which other solute things dissolve. Water is a antic way that when pure, it doesnt cast neither taste, smell nor color. It is a common substance in the world but it is untold more chief(prenominal) than what is seems. It plays a very important role in homosexual everyday life, without it we could die. It is a substance that many devalue or not appreciate it as they should beca social function it is a charming substance that can change its birth properties allowing it to be boiled, freezed, melt, weighed. It raze has its own tensity. Water could change its molecules depending on the stage & climate shoot for that it is at. Water changes from liquid turning to gas at cytosine degrees C, its freezing point turns from liquid to solid looking ice at approximately temperatures around 0 degrees C. this temperature is also an typeface o f thaw point. Water has two more properties which are constriction which is the symmetry of mass plus volume, 1.0 G/ml and the bob up accent. This peculiar(a) water property is the strength in which water molecules use and attach to each other. This graphic is an example of how the surface tension works.  Procedure To test the stated hypothesis the following materials were inevitable; currency, dropper, glaze container, water, salt. Keeping in mind the importance of the smallest expound that could diversify and the things that had to be constant for better results. Some examples of variables could be the heart of salt and the quantity of water added in the glass container when commingle together. The precise amount of these two elements were followed according to presumption instructions. Considering the preliminary variable needed to be rigid on a constant object such as the coin. secure that the drops were laid on the same side of the same coin. If the coin wouldnt be constant, meaning if! it would be changed then the results could have changed. Variables and...If you unavoidableness to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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